Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why Do I Write--Honestly?

Writing is not always fun.  It’s hard work. There are any number of activities I enjoy more at times, but writing is the job, the hard work, I prefer to do over all else. I would rather spend a beautiful, warm summer’s day locked away in a hot, cramped room with a flickering lamp by my side than cruise the streets in a black and white, trade other peoples stocks in a feverish crowd, or sweat in that summer sun at a construction site blowing dust out of my nose all day. Okay, maybe rock star, pro athlete, or acting rank higher than writing. I don’t know. I’m told I can’t sing; I drop the ball to often; and people snicker, not laugh, when I act out, but I've always been told I can write. As early as childhood people said I had a talent for telling stories. That’s what drew me to writing, but that’s not why I write. I’m moderately successful in another job. I make a good living, the best in my family for generations. Now, I’m married and a father of three.
Honestly, I write to leave them a legacy.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meet Samuel Knight

Being bad never felt so good.

All young Samuel Knight ever wanted was his father's approval. He never dreamed it would come in the wake of a murder. When he finds his girlfriend in his bed with another, something inside him awakens, opening the floodgates to immense power. In his rage, he destroys her and half his room with her. Only then does he discover he's been living a lie. With his eyes opened and his father's blessing, he departs for Miami with orders to prepare for war.

Meet Lee Ward

Hunt long enough and you'll learn – the best prey is your own kind.

Lazy, discontent, and more than a little bored, former hunter turned socialite Lee Ward is entertaining his latest conquest in Charleston when he feels a powerful presence emanating from the southern tip of Florida. Desperate for a meaningful pursuit, he rushes to the scene with his falcon companion to investigate. What he finds could turn his world inside out. Banished from his home, Lee sees this discovery as an easy path to redemption. He couldn't be more wrong.

Meet Detective Michael Probare

Sometimes to uphold the law you have to break the rules.

Investigating a drug deal gone wrong, Miami detective Mike Probare is one step behind an increasingly violent murder spree. The blood trail leads him to an unexplainable crime scene at the doorstep of one of Miami's elite. Before the bodies are even cold, the FBI kicks him off the case. But Mike can't let it go. He promised Jacob Dillon, and it's a promise he means to keep – even if it costs him his badge.

Meet Jacob Dillon

A new race dawns in the battle between good and evil.

Raised unaware of his origins, Jacob Dillon is a successful architect and loving father until he encounters the newest overlord of the Syndicate, Miami's most dangerous criminal organization. Now, desperate and determined, Jacob embarks on a simple plan – find him and kill him. But when neither of them is human even the simplest plans get complicated. Soon, Jacob's reckless actions make him the prey of both the Syndicate and a hidden world of angels, demons, and their supernatural creations. With each strange encounter, Jacob believes he's losing his sanity, but he may yet learn the truth – if he survives long enough.

A Writer Too!

You might be saying to yourself, "Wouldn't it be cool to write a story about …", and you'd be right. Writing a story, no matter how small, no matter how tall, is the greatest adventure of all! And so you begin unfolding your tale, weaving the words across the pages until the end. And what an end it is, or is it? For now you see in the hazy mirror, the hat you wear is a little clearer. And no normal hat is this, but one a bit amiss. There are layers to this hat you see, editor, marketer, and author - three - are not the only hats there'll be. So, when dreaming of world building and your tailor starts a slacking, remember that your career is dead unless all these hats fit your head. Ah bub, here's the rub, in that world of hats revolving, there's a problem needs be solving. You can surf the social sites until your blue, just remember … you're a writer too!