Friday, April 13, 2018

Latest News: 47 Parsecs Goes to WorldCon 76 in San Jose, CA

This just in: 47 Parsecs Flies to @Worldcon2018

Worldcon 76 San Jose

47 Parsecs is taking one giant leap forward on a journey to lands of publication. Flying direct to San Jose, CA, the space opera project code named 47 Parsecs will enter the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom for a four day extravaganza beginning August 16th of 2018.
Wrapped in secrecy and locked behind a firewall more secure than the West Wing, 47 Parsecs has reached completion and is in the final round of editing submissions. Once edits to the ending are received and incorporated, I will lock down the manuscript configuration and thereby mint the cannon of a major new space opera saga that is destined to make a mark on the cosmos.
While in the Silicon Valley, I will be meeting with interested parties to discuss the projects profitability and market reach. It is my intent to come back from WorldCon 2018 with representation and potentially a contract proposal.
The road to completion of this project has been long and twisted with many wrong turns along the way. But I can confess that the two most poignant words, The End, have been typed onto the page. Whereas doing so was rewarding, I was too exhausted to revel in celebration. A small toast with the right person can be all the hurrah! one really needs.
So I am counting down to WorldCon, my first ever, and hoping for many more. In the meantime, work on 47.5 Parsecs is ramping up--along with my exhaustion--so stay tuned for more details and a future reveal of the space opera's title.

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