Tuesday, May 17, 2016

47 Parsecs

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Announcing Project 47 Parsecs

47 Parsecs is the code name for a SF universe set not far away in our Solar neighborhood.  In this space - there's always a frontier - never a safe haven.

The inspiration for this project began with the simple desire of feeding my childhood appetite for grand exploration, harrowing celestial battles, and fascinating encounters with alien landscapes.  In those days, I'd stare up at the cold night sky over northern Maine and wonder what made the stars sparkle.  I'd imagine galactic battles raging around stars with such ferocity that I bore witness to the devastation they unleashed in the heavens.  Each flash of red was a starship laying siege to an enemy planet or the explosion of a battle cruiser in an invading fleet.  To this day, I will tilt my head to the heavens, study the constellations for a spark of red or a flare of blue, and tell myself somewhere out there my childhood fantasy is another civilization's reality, or maybe others are staring back at me with the same wonder in their eyes, the same dream playing out in their minds.
I've spent many years studying, developing my story-telling skills.  I've even written a couple amateur novels.  One day those may turn into projects of their own.  For now, they've been shelved.
47 Parsecs is my endeavor to roll everything I've learned into a new SF brand, a career, and I can't wait to share it with you.  The first installment is a full length novel in final draft with a 150,000 word goal.  The first 100 pages are halfway through editing by one of the industry's greats, Dave Farland.  He is an extremely talented and challenging editor, teacher, and writer.  I have had the pleasure to call him my mentor for a number of months now.  He offers invaluable instruction at his website and if you've been bitten by the story bug, as I have, than I highly recommend learning from him.  I've taken his Mastery I course and am enrolled in Promising Starts.  As soon as editing is complete, I'm off to find an agent and Dave has great advice for the business side of writing too.  As events unfold, I will blog about them here.
To that end, I will be posting regular updated progress, as well as other articles that explore my interests.  So keep reading please, comment, and share what you like.  Together, the future looks exciting!

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