Monday, May 19, 2014


Prolific editor John Joseph Adams quotes my review of Dead Man's Hand

This is my first time, and I couldn't be more stoked.  It is a surprisingly cool feeling to see your words referenced by someone else.  They felt more meaningful, more alive than the first time I wrote them.  It's a strange effect, but I'm honored Mr. Adams enjoyed my phrase enough to mention it on his site.  I've been shouting at the SF/F world for some time now, and it's a good feeling to know someone heard me.  Now, if they'd only listen to my stories.

Keep shouting everyone.  You will eventually be heard.

Dead Man's Hand Anthology

Here to comment on my latest review at Tangent Online, the premiere online magazine for in depth reviews of the latest in short science fiction and fantasy.

Dead Man's Hand is a must have of speculative western.

Within the pages of this monstrous anthology edited by the industry's most prolific editor:  John Joseph Adams, we find stories by authors who defined the weird western genre, for most among them:  Joe R. Lansdale; and stories by science fiction and fantasy giants like Orson Scott Card and Dave Farland.  One of my personal favorites:  "Stingers and Strangers" written by Seanan McGuire; there's plenty more.  This anthology is packed with 23 short stories.  Each one is no less than five thousand words; some are damn near novellas.  You can read my review of these stories at Tangent Online.  If you like steampunk, western settings, and/or supernatural tales then you'll love this anthology.